Words from those I have supported ….

I wasn’t sure about hiring a doula, but I was motivated to have an unmedicated birth after several years of being immersed in the medical system due to IVF and a less than favorable experience with an epidural during a prior labor. After consulting with several different doulas, Allison was referred to me by a trusted source. I chose Allison’s services because of her confidence, reassurance and experience, and most of all her ability to be 100% supportive without any judgement at all! Throughout my pregnancy, Allison addressed all of my husband and I’s areas of concerns including advocacy, identifying red flags and coercion in my provider’s communication and care, research-based decision making, movements for labor preparation, comfort measures and more. Allison was quick to provide resources, answer questions, and accompany me to appointments at my request. At my appointments and all the way up to my labor where some unfavorable situations occurred, Allison helped me ask the doctors key questions so I thoroughly understood my choices, and she also supported my critical decision making. I am happy to say I successfully labored without an epidural, which was a key personal goal, and despite complications following labor where I needed to be taken to the OR, Allison supported my husband with our new baby and facilitated communiczation with my doctors during a very vulnerable time. Both my husband and I agree that having Allison at our side was invaluable, she even checked in on me and provided resources that I required after delivery to ensure my new little babe and I were off to a good start. There are not enough great things I can say… I highly recommend Allison’s doula services! Alison C

My husband and I had Allison as our doula for the births our children. She helped us navigate the healthcare systems in both Scotland and the United States. During the births, Allison made sure that I understood what was happening, that I had choices, and helped teach me how to advocate for myself. With her guidance, we were able to ask questions and make informed decisions prior to, during, and after the births of our children. She has given us years of support even after our birth journeys together. She is calm, professional, knowledgeable, and able to navigate different systems. Learning to advocate for our family in two different healthcare systems has been such an important skill that we learned from Allison and continue to benefit from. We highly recommend her! Tiffany C

I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU – you are THE BEST DOULA I could ever have asked for, well beyond my expectations. Your motherly caring instincts were shining through and your strong fellow female power made me feel so safe and protected in such a vulnerable time. I’m so lucky I had you as my doula to help me at the birth of my baby boy. I would have never had the birth of my dreams without you. You will forever be part of this amazing achievement and I am so honoured to have shared my birth with you! Caroline R

Happy Doula week to the most amazing doula out there Allison Tate. You are simply an angel and you have done so much for my family. We appreciate and love you so much!! Words can’t express how grateful we are for the support and encouragement through our entire birth process. You will always hold a special place in our hearts! Ashley H

Allison was our lovely doula for the birth of our second child. After an emergency section and tough start with our first child, we were keen to maximise our chances of a natural birth and easier early days this time. While I chose in labor to have another c-section, I’m so glad we attempted a different route and that we had Allison alongside us on the journey. She really believed in my ability to do it and understood why it was so important to me to try. She was helpful and positive at every stage and in the lead up to the birth she was extremely supportive and ridiculously speedy providing info on any questions that I asked. Throughout labour I felt so lucky to have two people there. I really benefitted from massage during contractions and it was a real treat to have the option to have pressure applied in two different areas. It made such a difference. Another thing she did brilliantly was to help us create a special atmosphere in an otherwise pretty medical hospital room. We turned it into a little sanctuary. She was so kind and enthusiastic throughout the whole process and entirely focused on my husband ‘s and my needs. She very much made the relationship about us rather than her at all times which requires a special kind of person. She was also extremely sensitive, leaving the birthing room on two occasions when my husband and I needed privacy. I also found having her there gave me the confidence to have the conversations I needed to have with the medical professionals throughout, with the result I’m at peace with how it all turned out. I would recommend her to anyone looking for personal support in creating a positive birth experience. Maggie McG

When my husband and I first discussed getting a doula, we were both skeptical. However, we thought that it would be necessary since he was away a lot for work, and it would be possible that the baby would come before he could get back. I was worried that a doula might somehow take away from this very private moment between us. Although we were both unsure, I started researching and interviewing doulas. I met and interviewed many doulas, and as soon as I met Allison, I knew that she would be perfect. Leading up to the birth, she was very supportive and knowledgeable. As a first time mother-to-be, I was apprehensive. I knew that I wanted a birth without much intervention, but I was unsure of my ability to do that. From the beginning, Allison was very positive and encouraging. On the evening when I went into the labor room, I was nervous and scared. The midwife was loud, quick, and rough—I couldn’t relax and felt very tense. As soon as Allison entered the room, the dynamic COMPLETELY changed. She turned the medical room into a peaceful place by bringing lighting and shells (I had told her that I loved collecting shells as a little girl, and the ocean calmed me). She was calming and gentle, but she also was confident in me, strong and well-respected by the midwives. Allison helped awaken my courage and strength. She was supportive in all the ways my husband and I needed her to be. In a situation as personal as birth, Allison found the right balance with support that allowed my husband and I to still experience this very private moment. She fitted into the moment perfectly. After our daughter was born, I had complications. She was given to my husband, and Allison stood by me to offer support, as well as to ensure that I understood what was happening. When I left the room, she stayed with my husband and the baby to help them. When we look back on our birth experience, my husband and I both agree that hiring Allison was one of the best decisions we’ve made. There isn’t enough I could write or say to do justice or express how perfectly she fills her role as a doula. I am forever grateful that she was with us and helped us bring our daughter into the world peacefully. Lucy F

From a Dad’s perpective, I cannot thank Allison enough for the time she spent with me and my wife before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I was a little skeptical about having a Doula, not major reservations and nothing personal – I just wasn’t sure that having another person involved would be the best thing for us. But once my wife and I decided to go for it then I was all for it. And in retrospect I’m SO glad we did and I’m so glad we met Allison. It’s difficult to put into words why she was so important, because she helped beyond words. She helped me pack a last minute hospital bag, she ensured that I had space when I needed it and help when I needed it. She took some beautiful photos of unique moments in our lives. She supported us when we had difficult decisions to make. Because she had spent time lots of time with my wife and I during pregnancy, she knew what our preferences were when my wife went into labour, she asked questions calmly on our behalf, at our requrest, when we were faced with potential pressure from doctors. You were direct and respectful. I will always remember how she assisted us. It was a real pleasure to share such a special time with her. Daniel McG

As a husband and new father, looking back I can’t imagine going through this experience without Allison’s support. I couldn’t thank her enough for all that she did for us leading up to the birth and during the birth. She gave me a sense of reassurance and confidence. She was supportive of me, as well as my wife. I knew that my wife and our first child were in safe hands with Allison in the room. That sense of security meant everything to me as a first time father. Charlie C