Stillbirth Companioning

I am so very sorry that you here and are in need of my companioning because your baby has died beyond the 20th week of your pregnancy. To hear this news is absolutely devastating and I truly am sorry. I validate you and the life of your precious baby.

During this time of crisis, knowing what your options are and how to move forward, can feel utterly overwhelming and inconceivable amidst the shock and trauma. I am here to support you and to slow things down so that you are seen, heard and held, as you process your options and make decisions for your birth and honor your baby’s life.

As a stillbirth companion, there are so many ways in which I can provide you with informational, physical, emotional and advocate support during this life altering time. My bereavement support is without cost.

How I can Support You

  • Recognizing trauma responses and how these may impact your ability to process information and make informed decisions.
  • Slowing things down, listening to what you need and holding space for all of your feelings and emotions.
  • Incorporating your belief system about death and other cultural and religious rituals into your expectations of care for your baby.
  • Providing you with information and the time you need to make informed decisions about care for you and your baby.
  • Supporting the needs of your partner and other significant people in your life as they naviagate their own feelings, whilst also being there for you.
  • Exploring your birth and postpartum care options and supporting your informed decision making in collaboration with your provider.
  • Helping you to pack your hospital bag and create a nurturing birth environment.
  • Supporting you to communicate news of the death of your baby to your loved ones.
  • Reviewing and adjusting your birth plan, and supporting you in person, physically and emotionally during the birth of your baby, including at home or in hospital.
  • Ensuring your postpartum and lactation needs are met.
  • Supporting you to welcome, spend time with and bond with your baby.
  • Helping you to honor your baby by making keepsakes and memories.
  • Supporing you to bathe and dress your baby.
  • Contacting a professional photographer to take photographs of your baby without cost.
  • Supporting you to say goodbye to your baby and to make funeral arrangements.
  • Linking you with resources and services in your community and online, who can support you as you take the difficult steps of living life after the death of your baby.
  • A listening session to enable you to debrief your experience, without retraumatization
  • The 3 Step REWIND Programme to enable you to process trauma that may be impacting your life after the loss of your baby.

Contact Me

If you have received the devastating news that your baby has died before birth, please text or call me on 813 203 4610 so that I can make arrangements to support you as soon as possible. If I do not answer your call, please leave a voicemail or text. I am here for you.