Allison Tate Birth Doula Companion Consultancy Sessions

Book a consultancy appointment with me!

I am here with a listening ear! Whether you are looking for specific support or you just don’t know where to start, let’s arrange a time to talk about where you are at, what you are thinking and feeling and we can take it from there.

Booking my support on a consultancy basis, might be for you if:

  • You experienced a traumatic reproductive care experience in the past which is impacting your daily life, or current experience of care, and you would like to talk through how to move forward.
  • You are seeing or hearing all over social media that “you should hire a doula” but you really aren’t sure why! You are intruigued to know more and want to explore specifically how my doula companion support may be of benefit to you.
  • You really aren’t sure what you want from your care, but you know that you want to talk things through in order to map a way forward in owning your experience.
  • You would like to better understand the ways in which care systems or different providers work, how this may/may not be in alignment with what you want and how to move forward to have your needs met.
  • You want to know what your options are, and are in need of additional education and information to support your critical thinking and informed decision making.
  • You would like to explore your care provider options or are feeling that your existing provider is not in alignment with your beliefs, and you would like to explore alternatives.
  • You have hit a bump with your existing provider and are finding it difficult to communicate what you want, or are feeling steamrolled or pressured into making decisions that are not in alignment with your beliefs or expectations.
  • You do not feel heard or respected by your provider and want to learn ways to communicate your expectations with perspective and confidence.
  • You do not want a full package of companioning care, but would like in person support at appointments with your provider, to facilitate productive conversations that ensure your expectations of care are heard and respected.
  • You would like to learn more about the process of informed decision making and informed consent, and the challenges you might face within standard/routine care practices and policies.
  • You would like support to write your plan of care, highlighting your preferences, expectations and informed choices.
  • You would like to explore what self advocacy means to you, what an adocacy plan is and to learn communication skills to enable you to navigate your care and have your needs and expectations of care met.
  • You would like to learn more about your rights, how to recognize when your rights are being violated within your care experience, and how to productively have your needs and expectations met.
  • You would like to learn more about how specific Florida Laws relate to your care and how to apply this information to have your needs and expectations of care met.
  • You are looking to be connected with different services, providers or resources within you community to meet your needs.

Consultancy Fees

In alignment with my sliding scale and other fees, my consultancy sessions are charged by the hour:

Full price rate – $45 per hour

Middle price rate – $30 per hour

Lowest price rate – $15 per hour

Please see “My Companioning Fees” regarding my pricing philosphy. If you face significant financial burden and cannot access my support at the lowest price rate, please reach out to me to talk about your needs, and to find a way forward.