Thank you for considering my doula companioning support for your unique reproductive journey! My companioning approach is typically different from the way in which many doulas are trained and create their packages of care. I work for you, not a hospital, provider or doula agency and I believe that this boundary is vitally important in centering you within your care. Companioning doula support is different for everyone, it is never “one size fits all” and is led by you, based on your own needs, beliefs, expectations and personal birth, loss or neonatal experience. It is my job to center you, to build a relationship with you and to trust that you are the expert in your own life. I do not strive to hear “I could not have done it without you” or to create co-dependency – I strive to equip you to stand in your own power.

Navigating pregnancy, birth, abortion, loss of your baby or caring for your sick baby in the NICU is no easy feat within systems of care that are not always set up for listening to what you want, for providing you/your baby with individualized care or are staffed by a care team who are exhausted, overstretched or feel undervalued. It can be really overwhelming to ask for what you want, particularly during moments when you feel things are out of your control, are moving too quickly, feel unable to use your voice or are unsure of the choices that you want to make. I am here, as a companion, to hold you in all of that, to slow things down and ensure that your needs are met.

An essential element of companioning is to bring your provider/care team together around you, through communication and conversation based on perspective, compassion and empathy, to center you, and/or your baby, one moment at a time. This is vitally important given the nature of healthcare systems today, which often require you to navigate policies and procedures which may be in conflict with what you want for you or your baby or which can leave you feeling overhwhelmed, steamrolled and disprespected. You did not create the broken healthcare system, nor should you bare the brunt of its failings, but there are ways to feel powerful and to receive the care that you want! And no, changing care providers when you hit a bump does not have to be the go to, nor is it an option for many. I am here to bring your provider and care team together in converstation around you, to ensure that you are heard, that you fully know your options and are able to make the decisions that you believe are right for you. I am also here to hold you in your own critical thinking and decision making, to support you to confidently consent to (or refuse) care options and to advocate for what you want for you, and/or your baby.

As an advocate companion, I will work with you to create birth and advocacy plans, and will be your voice in the moments where you can’t find or use your own. Your safety, wellbeing, needs and expectations are my priority and I will absolutely advocate for you in moments where you cannot, do not want to or you request that I do so. I center you at all times, and support you to navigate standard care practicises/policies that you may not want or to navigate moments in your care when your rights are being violated or an acceptable standard of care is not being met.

I can support you through your birth, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, abortion or NICU experience physically, emotionally, in person or virtually. I can also provide you with information that you request, or signpost you to other resources or sources of support in your community, so that your needs are met both in the present and as your journey into the future.

I believe that everyone has the right to experience safe, respectful and dignified reproductive care, and I am committed, through my companioning work, to achieve this for you.