Thank you for considering my companioning support for your reproductive care experience. The support I provide is different for everyone, it is never “one size fits all” and is led by you, based on your own needs, beliefs, expectations and personal birth, loss or neonatal experience. I believe that you and your baby are worthy of receiving safe, individualized care and I work for you, not a hospital, provider or doula agency.

My companioning approach is typically different from the way in which many (doulas) are trained and create their packages of care, as I embed the “Keeping Your Power for Families ®️” concept, created by Traci Doula, as the foundation from which I work with, and build a relationship with you. When you learn how to “keep your power”, you are able to think deeply about what you want and need to confidently make decisions, to consent to (or refuse) care options and to advocate for yourself, and/or your baby.

In addition to all of the really great things that I do as a companion to support you emotionally, physically and through education, I will also work with you to create an advocacy plan, and will be your voice in the moments where you can’t find or use your own. Your safety and wellbeing are my priority and I will absolutely advocate for you in moments where you cannot, do not want to or you request that I do so. I will center you at all times, and support you to navigate hospital/provider care policies that you may not want and support you to have your rights respected and your expectations met.

I believe that everyone has the right to experience safe, respectful and dignified reproductive care, and I am committed, through my companioning work, to achieve this for you. Not sure what you need? Let’s talk!