Angel Card Readings

In addition to all of my birth companioning , I also work with energy, chakras and crystals. It all goes hand in hand, we are energetic beings connected to the earth and birth/death are significant energetic transitions in our experience of physical beings living spirtual lives!

I really love using my energetic connection with source to communicate with, and channel messages from angels and other ascended, and enlightened beings, as a key to healing, inspiration, protection, growth and living a happy life. Anyone and everyone can call upon angels to help them in their daily lives – you just have to ask!

As an angel guide, I use oracle cards as a tool to provide a connection with angels and other light beings, and channel any messages and guidance they may wish for you to hear at this time, to serve your greater good, personal growth and a deeper of understanding of yourself. Angel readings are typically received from one oracle card, although one or two others may come fourth, and unlike Tarot readings, an angel reading does not provide a picture of your past, present or future life.

Your Angel Card Reading

Once you have booked your angel card reading, I will request that you send me a photo of yourself electronically, so that I can connect in with your energy. Once I have channelled your message, you will receive the message in writing, via email. Your reading may, or may not, include additional information about your chakra energy and suggestions of crystals to aid your energy flow, trust that you will receive the information that you need. The words in your reading are written directly as they are channelled, and are not my own.


The cost of your angel card reading is $20. If you are experiencing financial burden, please reach out, as “pay what you can” donations are always accepted.

If you are receiving any of my birth companioning services, you can request an angel card reading at no additional cost.

* Credit image: Green Tara – Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Kyle Gray